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Enlightened “Recipes from the Heart”
“Seeds of Celestial Love and Peace”
“Human-Unity (Humanity)”

Enlightened Home-Chef Recipes From the Millennia Recipes From the Heart Enticing Tasty Treats Seeds of Celestial Love and Peace Human-Unity (Humanity) About Author and Books Culinary Arts and Philosophy Intertwined Tips for Vibrant Health

About the Author and Books

Professional Focus:
· Healthier Eating/Nutrition
· International Gourmet Foods and Rice Cookery
· Human Unity “The truth found in any great religion springs from unity and harmony. These, in   turn, form the nucleus of Humanity.”

Publication Information: Please mail all orders to: Celestial Arts-Creative Cooking publication, P.O. Box 3571, Danville CA 94526
Nourishment for the body and sustenance for the soul is the vast philosophy behind my writing. I spent more than two decades in my kitchen perfecting recipes and developing my philosophy. My intent is to help future generations become aware of recipes that are healthier for their body and soul. “Parents give their children the first flowering seeds of love. That source of energy and love remains forever.” To me, raising children is the most important thing in life, for us, for society, for our country, and as a gift to the world.

“Recipes from the Heart” is a wonderful blend of traditional and international cuisine. Recipe categories include appetizers, beverages, breads, desserts, dips, fish, main dishes, pizza, rice, soups, salads, vegetables and vegetarian dishes. I have also included tips on techniques for everyday use for beginners as well as advanced cooks. The book contains an extensive glossary, and general nutrition-nutrients information. The 400-page book’s hardcover contains an original painting. It has over 150 illustrations emphasizing fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, and olive oil. Each section begins with “Words of Wisdom” in hand calligraphy pairing with the recipes. A center section includes colored photographs of luscious food. This gourmet paradise cookbook will become your constant kitchen companion, a treasure that will endure the test of time. You will cook with ease and grace! See a sample recipe here.

“Seeds of Celestial Love and Peace” is my collection of Master Wisdom Recipes (classic and global innovation) which provides a comprehensive guide to vital spiritual truths such as security, love, and peace. These divine subjects ranging from food and spirit, health, well-being, and unity-harmony, will help us to raise our children with regard for human worth, dignity, and a vision of freedom, as related to forgiveness and compassion. The book’s hardcover contains an original painting. It has over 92 global elegant ideas of wisdom and 111 impressive images, related to philosophical statements which will inspire the reader to pursue a noble life filled with benevolence. There is an “image index” at the back of the book which summarizes the philosophy of each thought as it relates to a positive way of life.

"Human-Unity (Humanity)" is the third book of a trilogy designed to provide the basic foundation for living a wholesome life by sharing the method whereby anyone can develop closeness to God through seeking their own spiritual experience with Him.

Human-Unity offers food for spirit, comfort and peace, enhances spirituality on earth and beyond into the universe. It is a simple guide to relieve life's negative influences with the goal of helping the reader reach a vibrant life.

I am sharing my thoughts with you in the hope that you are able to share your own strength of beauty and love with others. Thus, together, we will both be empowered with the joy of living life to the fullest.



Professional Profile:
  Parisa Ambwanit
· Pioneer in Kitchen Arts and   Philosophy Intertwined
· Menu & Recipe Developer
· Vocational Culinary Instructor,
  (and hands-on demonstrator)
· Author and Self Publisher
· Bachelor Degree, Fine Arts

Professional Awards:
Parisa Ambwani won two International Cordon d’Or-Gold Ribbon Culinary Academy awards in 2005. Her book “Recipes from the Heart” won the Self Published Culinary Academy Award 2005 and she received the Culinary Entrepreneur Academy Award 2005. Cordon d’Or-Gold Ribbon gave Parisa the title “21st Century Philosopher in the Kitchen”. The title reflects her exceptional work featured in her excellent Cookbook.

Culinary Entrepreneur Academy Award 2005
Culinary Entrepreneur Academy Award 2005


Enlightened Home-Chef Recipes From the Millennia Recipes From the Heart Enticing Tasty Treats Seeds of Celestial Love and Peace Human-Unity (Humanity) About Author and Books Culinary Arts and Philosophy Intertwined Tips for Vibrant Health Eggplant Vegetable Dish

Disclaimer: This information reflects the author's personal opinion and experience. It is not intended to replace individualized professional advice. For all matters pertaining to your health, a qualified health professional must be consulted.

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