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Recipes From the Millennia

Wise Traditional Diets

by Parisa Ambwani

Recipes From the Millennia Recipes From the Heart Enticing Tasty Treats Seeds of Celestial Love and Peace Human-Unity (Humanity) About Author and Books Culinary Arts and Philosophy Intertwined Tips for Vibrant Health Enlightened Home-Chef
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Recipes from the Millennia

A revelation in the culinary world of a new health era

I learned to cook the old-fashioned way from my mother. It has been developed over 28+ years of culinary experience. This innovative collection, almost 500 recipes, provides a comprehensive cookbook for those who are serious about giving service to the health of their family with the joy of cooking in a traditional way.
You will be inspired overall with important ideas such as:

  • The influence of nourishment upon your outlook on life
  • Emphasis on whole grains, and the great taste of seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • A description of the most customary herbs and spices
  • An extensive master plan culinary Tips and Glossary of terms (including re-introduction of our ancestral sourdough rye-bread, which has been nearly forgotten over Millennia)
  • Continuation of Parisa's philosophy of sublime spirituality
  • Many stunning color photographs.

Please join me in preparing 'wise traditional recipes' from around the world. Move our culinary gastronomy forward toward a future in which we are holding both the hearts of family and community with sincere compassion and love. Each of us can make a remarkable difference in our children's health and begin with a new dream for our generations' lifelong journey to good health and happiness.

Each virtuous seed we plant has the potential to become
something special and unique, as does every child.

This virtual culinary encyclopedia can guide you to joyful quality life and help you to find your inner strength as you become a holistic home chef who sustains good health gracefully.


Millennia means thousands of years, from early times when our heritage seeds with open pollination, and basic foods produced from many parts of the world were original and had the enduring power of nutrional value. Primitive and traditional diets maximized nutrition and natural vitamins in wholesome food, a high content of live enzymes, and beneficial bacteria in most vegetables, fruits, dairy products and animal flesh. In addition, traditional naturally balanced diets, such as nuts, seeds, beans, and grains (soaked, germinated and sprouted) had more sources of vitamins and minerals. Today, some of our crop plants are hybrids, artificially and/or genetically modified organisms (GMO). The essence (core value) of some of the food can be substantially changed to a new type of less-healthy produce over the years.

Wise traditions avoid the foods that have changed genetically, using hormones, pesticide, artificial food coloring, and flavoring such as monosodium glutamate (MSG), while you can create savory and delicious foods in a healthier traditional way.

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Recipes From the Millennia Recipes From the Heart Enticing Tasty Treats Seeds of Celestial Love and Peace Human-Unity (Humanity) About Author and Books Culinary Arts and Philosophy Intertwined Tips for Vibrant Health Eggplant Vegetable Dish Enlightened Home-Chef

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