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by Parisa Ambwani

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The health of individuals and society is our greatest goal, and that is where our nation's true weath lies.

With an emphasis on the world of herbal plants and spices, Parisa Ambwani shares years of research and recipe development in her newest photo-illustrated book, "Enlightened Home -Chef Green Pharmacy" (May, 2017, Celestial Arts Creative Cooking Publication, 334 pages). This is an essential handbook for everyone who wants to gain the benefits of healing herbs from the wholesome green pharmacy. These benefits when combined with prudent medical care, will enhance ones potential health (physically, mental clarity and emotionally).

The latest book in Parisa's series of culinary and philosophic books includes:

  • 200 recipes
  • A unique health handbook of "natural cuisine"
  • Color as well as black-and-white food photography
  • Cooking tips and seasoning mixes for international dishes
  • Key uses of 150 herbal plants, for body-mind health benefits
  • More than 60 ancient treasures of aromatic, medicinal herbal teas
  • Ancient and authentic wisdom on food and "green pharmacy" to enhance world peace with meditation and rejuvenated spiritual thoughts.

Following her creative cooking styles that featured mostly vegetarian dishes for health, Ambwani brings her readers/home cooks to new knowledge about how to incorporate a thorough list of herbs and spices with delicious foods, which results in inspired global recipes that merge ancient and new international trends in cooking today.

Parisa is an author and award-winning pioneer in kitchen arts entwined with philosophy. She is an artist and traveler who pursues culinary research worldwide, particularly in Canada, Ireland and India. By using her ideas, techniques and artistic ability, she develops recipes emphasizing health and well-being that accentuate the importance of whole-food for nutritious living. These benefits, when combined with knowledgeable use of medical care, will enhance our strength and improve our capability to cope with psychological stress and tension.

Parisa has spent three decades writing cookbooks and pairing food with her poetry, philosophy, herbs and spices, and herbal teas. She has developed over 900 recipes that reflect traditional and international cuisines. It is important to choose the right seasonal ingredients that create nutritious food.

Throughout history, our ancient ancestors built their diets around fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, and grains that naturally grew in the fields or at home. They harvested them when they were at their peak so they could have the benefit of freshness, taste, optimum color, and nutritional value. Sun-ripened fruits and vegetables have the most healthful benefit because the sun matures fruits and vegetables as no artificial light can.

Throughout the world, the cooking of every country is classified by the way in which herbs and spices are used to give it a unique character. With so many herbs and spices now readily available in the market for cooking, it can be a great experience that will transport you to any part of the world to know about cultural cuisine.

Parisa's unique cookbooks are known for their merging of useful culinary information with a clear understanding of the relationship with other human beings and with the universe. The author offers a new outlook of security and happiness to share with our children into the future.


Enlightened Home-Chef Recipes From the Millennia Recipes From the Heart Enticing Tasty Treats Seeds of Celestial Love and Peace Human-Unity (Humanity) About Author and Books Culinary Arts and Philosophy Intertwined Tips for Vibrant Health Eggplant Vegetable Dish

Disclaimer: This information reflects the author's personal opinion and experience. It is not intended to replace individualized professional advice. For all matters pertaining to your health, a qualified health professional must be consulted.

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